G & K Portable CPAP Holder

Taking the hospital look out of your bedroom since like...... right now. 

Who is our product for?

What is the G & K Portable cpap holder made of?

Our Product

Our proprietary product is made of high-quality powdered coated aluminum and is comprised of the following parts:

- 12in x 12in x 1in folding tray that slides under your bed for the securement of your machine.

- A 3 piece adjustable rod that can be customized easily to your preferred height (simply unscrew the portion of the rod you no longer want). This entire assembly/disassembly process takes about 15-20 seconds to perform.

- A proprietary "cat head" rod end that performs as a hose holder and also a mask folder when not in use (see pictures below).

- Product color (Black)

G & K Portable CPAP Holder